About Catamicro

Catamicro (Beijing) Co., Ltd(hereinafter referred to as Catamicro), established in July 2019, is committed to the field of chip hardware security.As a leader in the field of chip hardware security, Xuanjia Microelectronics is a leading supplier of chip hardware security products and solutions with world-wide leading technologies for dynamic monitoring and control of CPU hardware security, chips, cards and solutions.


Innovative Technology and Safeguard Security

  • Innovation

    Proposing DSC, based on the accumulation of reconfigurable computing

  • Credibility

    Implementing secure computing, and CPU behaviors monitoring

  • Certification

    Certification from ISO, SAC, and CCTU, etc.

  • Application

    Safegarding data security in key areas, such as fiance and government

  • Team

    Experts team members from global academics and industry elites