About Catamicro


Catamicro (Beijing) Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Catamicro), was established in July 2019, which is committed to the chip hardware security field. As a pioneer in the chip hardware security field, Catamicro is a world-wide leading supplier of chip hardware security products and solutions, that provides security credible and the world-wide leading technologies for dynamic monitoring and control of CPU hardware security, chips, cards and solutions.

Catamicro traces its roots to the Research Center for Mobile Computing from the Institute of Microelectronics, Tsinghua University. The research direction of this center mainly involves new reconfigurable computing chip design, complex system on chip (SoC) design, new generation mobile network, and computing architecture. Intel and this center have established the joint laboratory of Tsinghua-Intel Universal Reconfigurable Computing to develop the new x86 processor that incorporated reconfigurable computing technology. In addition, ICRI-MNC (Intel collaborative research institute-mobile network and computing), the sixth largest Intel collaborative research institution in the world and the only one in mainland China, is also located in this center.

Relying on the research and accumulation of the reconfigurable computing architecture from Tsinghua University, Catamicro has a hardware security product line of reconfigurable high-performance encryption and decryption, full-cycle security monitoring of server operation, processor behavior analysis and vulnerability protection, providing industry users with chip reconfigurable security products and server chip security solutions.