ZUC domestic cryptographic algorithm officially became the ISO/IEC international standard

2020-05-28 Source:National Cryptography Administration Type:Industry News

On April 24th, at the 60th ISO/IECJTC1 SC27 Working Group Meeting, ISO/IEC18033-4/AMD1, Encryption Algorithm Part 4: Sequence Algorithm-Supplement 1, which contains China's ZUC sequence cryptographic algorithm was unanimously adopted. China's ZUC sequence cryptographic algorithm became the ISO/IEC international standard and entered the standard release phase.

ZUC sequence cryptographic algorithm is an important part of China's commercial cryptographic algorithm system, which is mainly used for data confidentiality and integrity protection, and is the basic algorithm and core technology for achieving cyberspace security. Following SM2, SM3, and SM9, the ZUC sequence cryptographic algorithm once again successfully became the ISO/IEC international standard, marking the increasingly sophistication and continuous improvement of China's commercial cryptographic standard system, and again providing China's solutions for international network and information security protection with Chinese wisdom.

In addition, at this meeting, the SM4 block cipher algorithm, SM9 identity cipher encryption algorithm, and SM9 identity cipher key exchange protocol also successfully passed the expert inquiry and entered the draft supplement (DAM) phase, laying a solid foundation for advancing to become an international standard.