"Zijin Alliance" was established to build the first core of Chinese servers

2020-05-09 Source:玄甲微电子 Type:新闻资讯

On April 12, Montage Technology Co., Ltd., a supplier of server storage interface chips and satellite baseband chips, held an "eco alliance ventilation meeting" and shared with its dozens of guests its planning on new-generation data center processor platform. At present, a number of domestic and foreign partners have expressed strong interest in joining the alliance, including Lenovo, Inspur, HP, Dell, Byosoft, Samsung, SK Hynix, Micron, Memory Technology and China Electronics and Information Industry Group (CEC), etc. Montage Technology expects more powerful partners to join and continue to expand the scale of the alliance.

The platform is designed to meet the new demands of domestic users for data center solutions and to meet the requirements of data centers for energy efficiency and safety controllability. Its first solution is expected to be ready from the end of 2017 to the beginning of 2018. Montage Technology also announced the establishment of the "Zijin Alliance", which will provide support in technology development, market distribution, and implementation of software and hardware technology solutions based on the Jintide platform.

"Jintide" is a new data center computing engine developed by Montage Technology. It combines Montage Technology's hybrid secure dual in-line memory module (HSDIMM), Tsinghua University's Reconfigurable Technology Processor (RCP) module, and Intel's high-performance Xeon processors, with features such as dynamic reconfiguration, partial reconfiguration, and support processor offload functions to acceleration. It can fully respond to diverse Internet digital service needs, and is a pioneering data center solution.

More importantly, the "Jintide" platform is autonomous and controllable to meet the needs of the Chinese market for local data center applications.

"Montage Technology is very honored to be able to contribute to the development of China's local data center technology, and with the support of Tsinghua University, Intel and the "Zijin Alliance" colleagues," Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Chonghe Yang of Montage Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., said, "China has the world's largest Internet user group and is also a world leader in the field of data center solutions. Applications such as cloud computing and big data are playing an increasingly important role. Therefore, the data center will become the next frontier for the development of China's independent innovation technology."

The smooth progress of the research and development of Jintide solution and the successful construction of "Zijin Alliance" stem from the close cooperation between Montage Technology, Tsinghua University and Intel. In April 2015 and January 2016, they announced the establishment of strategic partnerships, as well as plans to jointly develop a platform for Jintide platform. The relevant plans announced this time will clarify the next phase of the tripartite cooperation.

Professor Shaojun Wei, director of the Institute of Microelectronics of Tsinghua University, said: "I am very pleased to see that the latest academic achievements of Tsinghua University for the reconfigurable computing platform have been included in this product roadmap. The CPU-memory interface technology of Montage Technology and the reconfigurable computing technology of Tsinghua University represents the cutting-edge level of China's independent innovation technology, which will undoubtedly and effectively promote the application of local Chinese technology and promote commercial transformation into a new era."

"We are very pleased to cooperate with Tsinghua University and Montage Technology to support the research and development of local innovative solutions to meet the needs of the Chinese data center market. It is very exciting that many companies have expressed such strong Interest in the early stages of the development of the Jintide platform." Xu Yang, Intel's global vice president and president of China, said.


Front row from left to right: Leijun Hu, Xiangdong Deng, Guanghui Dai, Xu Chen, Chonghe Yang, Shaojun Wei, Leibo Liu, Zhan Gao, Huabing Wang, Yuan Cheng


Xu Chen, deputy general manager of CEC, said, "as the national team and leader in the field of information security in China, CEC is willing to work with many excellent enterprises to build a world-class advanced core and server ecosystem that meets China's independent and controllable requirements, with Montage technology as the core, embracing all rivers and win-win cooperation."

Montage technology is the only local IC design company in China that has a chip level cooperation relationship with Intel and gains the support of research resources of Tsinghua University. With the growing new demand of the domestic data center market, the R & D and marketization of Montage Jintide platform has successfully progressed. With the "Zijin alliance" been launched, as the only mass-produced memory interface chip in Asia, Montage technology will increasingly be equipped with the strength of China's first core.